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Claim Forms

Making a claim is easy, download a copy of the Claims Handbook, a manual that outlines general instructions for the handling of claims. Please read all instructions and adhere to them.

To make a claim, please click on the relevant link and download the claim form. Fill up the claim form and forward it to us along with the required documents.

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File Type File Name Size Download
Pension Membership Withdrawal Notification Form 109.220703125 KB
LIFE - Policy Claim or Benefit Payment Authorisation Form Via M-Pesa 491.3203125 KB
LIFE - Individual Life E.F.T, R.T.G.S. Payment Authorisation Form 362.1083984375 KB
Machinery BreakdownDamage Claim Form.pdf 70.939453125 KB
Motor Accident Claim Form.pdf 82.2646484375 KB
Motor Theft Claim Form.pdf 100.908203125 KB
Personal Accident Claim Form.pdf 90.69140625 KB
Property Damage Or Loss Claim Form.pdf 73.720703125 KB
Public Liability (THIRDPARTY) Claim Form.pdf 71.5732421875 KB
WindScreen Window Damage Claim Form.pdf 73.7900390625 KB
Workmen's Compenstion Accident Claim Form.pdf 81.8818359375 KB
Fidelity Guarantee Claim Form.pdf 68.1923828125 KB