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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an insurance policy that provides 24 hours emergency medical assistance, personal accident cover, compensation for travel delay and loss of traveller’s property and other travel related contingencies arising during the trip.

Important points

What is the nature of coverage:

This policy is not a general health insurance policy. Coverage is intended for use by the Insured in the event of a sudden and unexpected sickness or accident arising when the Insured is outside of his Home Country.

What do I do in the Event of a Medical Emergency?

SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE MUST be contacted immediately, in the event of an Insured dying, incurring medical expenses in excess of US$500, being involved in an accident, or being admitted to hospital. The Company will not be liable for any costs without the express prior approval of SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE.

SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE will provide a complete medical assistance service to the Insured. Operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year, SPECIALTY ASSISTANCE provides effective medical assistance for the Insured anywhere in the world and can be accessed by telephone or fax:

For assistance Worldwide, contact:

Specialty Assistance

London, UK

Tel: (24 HR) +44 (0)20 7902 7405

Fax: (24 HR) +44 (0)20 7928 4748

Email: (24 HR)

For non-emergency medical and all other claims you will need to complete a claim form as soon as possible after the incident has occurred or within 31 days of your return to your home country.

The completed claim form, together with invoices, proof of ownership, travel documents and any other relevant details must be sent to Britam.
For more information on this product click here to download  our Travel Insurance brochure or  kindly get in touch with us, or visit any one of our branches.