Britam Group Last Expense Cover

A group funeral expense cover that pays for funeral expenses arising from natural or accidental death.

What are the Benefits?

• Cash payment for funeral expenses.

• Covers natural or accidental death.

• Cover extends to riots and HIV.

• Waiting period:  No waiting period for accidental death ; 1 month waiting period for death due to natural causes for policy holder and dependents ; 3 months waiting period for parents and parents-In-law for natural death.

*50% of the annual premium is refunded if there is no claim within 3 years. 
Who Qualifies?

• Registered groups such as; SMEs, Micro finance Institutions, Sacco’s, and Investment clubs.

• The policy owner must be an employee or member of the insured group.

Eligibility :

• Main member/ spouse- minimum entry age 18 years, maximum entry age 65 years and maximum coverage age 70 years.

• Children- minimum entry age 1 month old, maximum entry age 18 years and maximum coverage age 18 years – 25 years for full time students.

• Parents/ parents - in- law - minimum entry age 40 years, maximum entry age 75 years.

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