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ACCI Shield

ACCI Shield

This is a personal accident policy that comes with benefits. All benefits are payable if injuries are deemed accidental. The policy can be taken as an individual policy or as a family package. 
Benefits include: 
  • Death benefit: Britam will pay the beneficiaries the full sum assured of the insured person in the event of death as a result of an accident
  • Permanent total disability: In the event that an accident causes total and permanent disability to the insured, Britam will pay the full sum assured. 
  • Dismemberment: In the event of loss of use or removal of limbs, eyes, hearing or speech through an accident, Britam will pay as per the limit set out by the policy. 
  • Medical expenses: Britam will pay for all medical expenses as per the limit set out by the policy.
  • Temporary total disability: In case of temporary disability, the policy holder will receive a stipulated income per week during the period of incapacitation for a period of 2 years. 
  • Hospital cash: During hospitalization, the cover provides you with a pre-determined amount to meet minor unforeseen costs that arise during your hospital stay. 
  • Funeral expense benefit: Britam will make payments within 48 hours to meet burial expenses in the event of accidental death. 
  • Artificial limbs: The policy holder will be eligible for an artificial limb paid for in the event of loss of limbs. 
  • Family package: You can choose to take up an individual cover to take out a policy for your family members.

For more information on this product click here to download the ACCI Shield brochure or kindly contact us or visit any one of our branches